Create film, music and poetry.

Start or find a project.

Create pictures, videos, sound and text of any length

Add content to others


Loop, link…

Showcase and share with the world


Create new content


Let others participate


Show the world your creation

Social Change

Enjoy all that is created!

Attract More Fans and Customers

Dittyverse changes your one-tweet, one-post boring content
into engaging social media built from everyone’s content.
Your staff, customers, partners and fans capture the content
that Dittyverse can mixes into engaging videos.

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Why Dittyverse?

Create App-based Content in Seconds

The Dittyverse App provides users the ability to add, edit, and mix digital content with ease, and without the need for any external, specialized, and costly equipment.  through Dittyverse, everyone can play in the world of creation and collaboration.

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Collaborate with Friends, Family, and the World!

They say, “two pairs of eyes are better than one.” Well, within the Dittyverse, you can share your digital creations at anytime and from anywhere with a community of worldwide users.  From story, to poems, to musical lyrics, let the world help your creation evolve and grow.

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Change the World Through Collaboration and Sharing

Empower speech, awareness, and social justice within the Dittyverse.  Whether it is in support of a specific charity, cause, or community movement, users are able to post and mix content into unique and inspiring messages for actions!

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Engage Your Fan Base Like Never Before!

Through featured Ditties, musicians, bands, and other artists can directly engage their fan base to create the next big hit.  Imagine… music, movies, and books created by fans your fans!

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Why Dittyverse?

Build Better Social Media

The 2014 Social Media Industry Report from Social Media Examiner reports that 92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business.  Yet over 70% of tweets and posts are ignored.  The quality, relevance and freshness of your social media matters a lot.  Dittyverse makes sure your digital content is masterfully mixed into a message that connects, feels and attracts.

Collaboration enhances connection.

Before social networks there was email, texting and phone calls making communication cheaper and easier, but weren’t very good with helping people connect.  Social networks were created to enhance connection between friends, family and colleagues by helping us share pictures, videos, wisdom, opinions and status.  Until now, social networks were poor at helping us to collaborate.  Dittyverse is the first platform to combine lightweight social networking with power collaboration tools to create films, music, poetry and stories making connections even stronger.  Connection is greatest when we create together.

Our mixing tools are easy and powerful.

Simple editing tools exist that allow content to be combined.  Other tools offer complicating mixing capabilities but are difficult to use.  Dittyverse has powerful mixing tools such as looping, linking and simultaneous playback and overlay recording that unlock your true creative capabilities.  Sophisticated mixing within a simple, intuitive user interface that is familiar and responsive to the commands you already use in other Apps.

We will build them for you.

Sometimes you don’t have time to create.  Dittyverse offers services to create your mixed videos, songs and poems for you.  Dittyverse professionals are outstanding at creating social media that engages your target markets.

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Behind The App

Crett Mitchell

Crett Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Crett is a business leader with 20 years of experience building information technology businesses from start-up to multi-million dollar operations within 12 months. Crett specializes market segmentation, targeting, messaging and promotion, strategic partnerships, and closing deals with new customers resulting in $50 Million in sales for companies that are less than 3 years old. Crett has founded and built an IT services company and a social media product company.
Chadd Carr

Chadd Carr

Chief Marketing Officer

Chadd is a passionate innovator focused on driving business volume through new product creation, innovative branding, effective merchandising and expansive communication to increase profit growth. Chadd is also a consummate business professional and proven entrepreneur, having innovated and cultivated million-dollar revenue streams for several start-ups in which he founded and demonstrated average annual growth rates of +35% for revenues.  

Join the Dittyverse Community, Today!

The Dittyverse App is available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
Download it for FREE today and start creating!

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Collaborate on Films

collaborate on music

Collaborate on poetry

collaborate on social change

Life requires collaboration

Social collaboration is changing the world. Come and be a part of it today and join the Dittyverse community!

The Dittyverse Communty

There are many uses for the Dittyverse App. Whether you are creating an eternal poem, a collaborative story, or the lyrics for the next greatest smash hit, Dittyverse is taking virtual social creation to the next level!

From time-to-time, we query our users to discover what they enjoy most about the Dittyverse.  Collaboration and social creation continue to rank highest.  Join today and see why our community loves dittyverse.

Social Creation
Content Design